Chi siamo

This is wonderland, this is the house of the real Mediterranean craftsmanship. Its multifaceted style defies definition, being so free from fleeting fashion trends: at Rosita Gioielli d’Amare they simply follow the creative instinct of Rosita Petrosino and Sergio Giusti, who are the guiding spirits of the company located in Ercolano (on the slopes of Mount Vesuvio). Their imagination and bright ideas have shaped the company's identity, which is now defined as “ethnochic”. Their made-in-Campania craftsmanship relies on the use of cutting-edge
techniques and their jewels quite often represent real one-offs whose amazing design is made of gold, diamonds, colourful stones and also bakelite, jade, Japanese and Australian pearls, as well as coral and jet. All these precious elements were typical of Art Deco, the style Rosita Gioielli d’Amare always pays homage to with its incredible creations.

“Visione contemporanea di must storici”, ma anche “personalità e attualità delle origini”, oppure “ritorno tecnologico al Mediterraneo”. Definire l’arte di Rosita Gioielli D’Amare è un gioco mutevole di prospettive perché, a partire dal corallo e arrivando alle giade e al giaietto, le collezioni del duo Rosita Petrosino e Sergio Giusti percorrono la tradizione a cavallo di un potente, silenzioso scafo: mi illumino di mare. “Contemporary vision of historic musts”, but also “personality and topicality of our origins”, or “technological return to what is Mediterranean”. The definition of Rosita Gioielli D’Amare’s art is a game of changing perspectives because, from coral through jade and jet, the collections of the duo Rosita Petrosino and Sergio Giusti involve making a journey through tradition by a powerful and quiet hull: I light up with the sea.

Rosita Petrosino and Sergio Giusti's personalities are ebullient, and not just for the fact that their laboratory is near the Vesuvio, but especially because they both have an exuberant character and are often in contrast with each other. Some might think this is a limit, but in fact it is an advantage when they have to turn their visions into real jewels, as if they were dreams of timeless classics of jewellery come true. They love the style and materials of Art Deco. Rosita and Sergio compare and discuss their ideas, and they create always keeping an eye on the highest quality of details. They use gold and silver, specially cut natural stones, coral, jade and pearls, jet and Bakelite; now their experience, imbued with past memories and present practice, continues with palladium. Even better, they use the Lega Preziosa Palladio (Palladium Precious Alloy) whitch exploits the properties of this metal belonging to the same group of platinum: it is light and less expensive than gold, it does not oxidize in air, and can be technically well wrought. Moreover, palladium is already widespread in America and Asia, it is used for precious collections and it is very trendy, just like Rosita Gioielli D'Amare. If You want to make sure that your jewel is original, control the LPPd mark on it: this guarantees it's a work of Rosita and Sergio.