Warranty conditions

View the Warranty Conditions. Our catalog includes over 1000 products including armored cabinets armored cabinets armored showcases hotel safes modular rooms safes for keys and anti-theft. Guarantee of quality products at the best prices on the market.

The warranty only covers the material integrity of the goods upon delivery and operating defects attributable to the manufacturing process of the components. Defects and / or malfunctions due to operations subsequent to delivery such as, for example, the incorrect configuration of components by the Customers, damages due to external causes such as criminal and / or vandalism, natural events and / or electrical, tampering, inexperience.

The interventions out of warranty and any accessory interventions agreed with the Customer and carried out in conjunction with the assistance intervention under warranty, will be calculated at the rates in force (articles 1490 et seq. C.C.). Except for specific contractual agreements, the warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of defective parts only and does not include any travel expenses or any additional charges necessary to make the product accessible (eg: building works, handling, ..)

The warranty period extends, starting from the date of delivery of the goods, for 24 months (D.L.

02/02/2002, n. 24) for final consumers (*), for 12 months for all other subjects, unless otherwise specified by Rosita Gioielli D’Amare. Any subsequent technical interventions or replacements (complete or partial) of the goods do not extend the warranty right beyond these terms (24 or 12 months, as specified above), not modifying the legal relationship between the parties. The customer, to obtain warranty work, must notify Rosita Gioielli D’Amare, info@jewelryrosita.com, of the defect within 8 days of ascertaining. The guarantee is applied exclusively to products for which the purchase, serial number and date of delivery of the goods are proven by showing a tax document. If the defect is repaired under warranty and then reappears after the expiry of the warranty, the customer will have to pay the cost of the new repair regardless of the time elapsed since the first intervention under warranty, while if the defect occurs for the first time "out of warranty" , the customer who paid for the intervention will be due -

on the repaired or replaced part - a new warranty (24 or 12 months, as specified above)

Consumable components (such as batteries, connectors, keys, bags, handbags) are not covered by the warranty. They enjoy the so-called "guarantee of good functioning" and are replaced only in the event of a fault occurring within the first 30 days of purchase. Parts that are damaged by accidental events, misuse or negligence on the part of the user, or that show signs of tampering by unauthorized personnel, lose the right to the guarantee.

The right to warranty assistance is always subject to the result of the technical verification, the cost of which is charged to the Customer in the event of a negative outcome. In the event of the return of disputed material, acceptance by Rosita Gioielli D’Amare does not constitute acknowledgment of a defect, but is intended solely as a preliminary act to the actual technical verification. In any case, no guarantee is given for: 1. damage caused by improper installation, use, modifications or repairs carried out by unauthorized third parties or by the Customer himself; 2. damage caused by any person (other than personnel who work for Rosita Gioielli D’Amare) or by external factors; 3. instructions given by the Customer and correctly executed by Rosita Gioielli D’Amare;

The warranty automatically lapses in the event of proven intervention by personnel not sent by Rosita Gioielli D’Amare. Rosita Gioielli D’Amare reserves the exclusive right of decision as regards the repair of the faulty part or its replacement with the same component or with similar value and functionality. The products on which the defect is found will be replaced in times and ways compatible with stock availability and / or with the technical times for replacing the products. In case of agreed replacement of the component with one of greater value, the Customer will be required to pay the price difference. In case of replacement of the material, the Customer must return the replaced material. Rosita Gioielli D’Amare disclaims any responsibility and charge for any direct and indirect damage resulting from periods of inactivity of the product pending repair.

Rosita Gioielli D'Amare acts in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 on the processing of personal data, and assumes no responsibility towards third parties regarding the integrity, secrecy, conservation and correct use of the data entered inside dof the mass memories rendered in assistance, and of their secrecy. It is the Customer's responsibility to remove confidential and personal data as well as to create safety copies of such information in advance, since assistance interventions could result in their permanent loss. The burden of this operation by Rosita Gioielli D’Amare technical staff, if requested by the Customer, is borne by him.
If tampering, errors in assembly or configuration, lack of warranty documents or absence of failure are found, or the product is out of warranty due to
one of the aforementioned reasons, the Customer will be charged the related laboratory or intervention fee.
In the event of a dispute, Rosita Gioielli D'Amare reserves the right to submit the disputed material to a technical report by a third party expert in the relationship, from whose opinion it will be deemed bound, without prejudice to the right of the other party to use a similar procedure. . For disputes of a judicial nature, the Court of Milan will have exclusive jurisdiction.
(*) The final consumer is defined as "the natural person who acts for purposes unrelated to any business or professional activity carried out" (Article 1469 bis of the Italian Civil Code)

Rosita Gioielli D’Amare guarantees the authenticity of all the products in the catalog and the highest quality of all the materials used in manufacturing. Furthermore, each jewel is guaranteed on the authenticity of the precious stones and the title of the precious metal, given by our suppliers.

All items are accompanied by a guarantee certificate that certifies their authenticity.


All products for sale on Jewelry Rosita are accompanied by a guarantee certificate attesting to the authenticity of the product purchased, with all the key features:

- The warranty is void in the event of improper use or tampering with the object.
- All products are accompanied by a guarantee certificate from the manufacturer and are guaranteed by it for 24 months, as well as the indications in the specific guarantee booklet. It may happen that some brands have longer warranty times.
- The warranty of the items purchased on jewelryrosita.com is valid for two years, and is valid nationally and / or internationally depending on the brand, therefore it can be used with all authorized retailers of the purchased brand. It is also possible to return an item to us to be sent under warranty.
- Warranty repair is a free service offered by Jewelry Rosita, if your product has a defect covered by warranty. Otherwise you will be notified of the quote from the assistance center, which you can decide whether to accept or not.
- Warranty repair times vary depending on the brand. The timing can vary from 60 to 70 working days.

N.B. Jewelry Rosita reserves the right to request a photograph of the item in order to verify if the damaged product is suitable for repair under warranty.


The colors of the photos may differ significantly from the original product depending on the computer monitors from which the online catalog is viewed.