Palladium is a chemical element with atomic number 46. Its symbol is Pd. It is a rare and precious metal, of silvery-white appearance, platinum group that resembles also chemically. Its most common uses as well as the jewelery and watch industry are, as a catalyst, is also used in dentistry, as a component of some noble alloys used for the construction of crowns and bridges. The palladium does not oxidize air and is less dense and the element with the lowest melting point of all the platinum group. Taking advantage of these properties the Jewelry Rosita studied and patented the precious palladium alloy, in which silver and palladium are principal, whit which produces and marks her jewelry with the symbol LPPD symbol of quality and origin.
The Jewelry Rosita research around the world, the best materials that the deep sea and nature offer. These jewels are made in our laboratory by Italian personnel highly qualified, are normally mounted with brilliant quality from VVS1 to SI1 color from G / H at the top light brown, with white and colored sapphires, pearls and coral stones.