Return and Refund

The right of withdrawal is governed by what is written in the Civil Code, of which some points are reported below:

Legislative Decree 15 January 1992, n. 50

Implementation of Directive (EEC) No. 577/85 on contracts negotiated away from business premises (Official Gazette No. 27 of February 3, 1992, s.o.) (1) (2)

(1) Art. 42 (implementation of Council Directive 85/577 / EEC relating to contracts negotiated away from business premises: delegation criteria), 1 29 December 1990, n 428,

Provisions for the fulfillment of obligations deriving from Italy's membership of the European Communities (community law for 1990).

(Field of application) .- This decree applies to contracts between a commercial operator and a consumer, concerning the supply of goods or the provision of services, in any form concluded, stipulated:

… ..D) by correspondence or in any case, on the basis of a catalog that the consumer has been able to consult without the presence of the commercial operator.

4. (Right of withdrawal) - For contracts and contractual proposals subject to the provisions of this decree, the consumer is granted a right of withdrawal within the terms and conditions of sale indicated.

5. (Information on the right of withdrawal)

1) For contracts and contractual proposals subject to the provisions of this decree, the commercial operator must inform the consumer of the right pursuant to art. 4.

The information must be provided in writing and must contain:

a) an indication of the terms, procedures and any conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal;

b) the indication of the subject in relation to whom the right of withdrawal must be exercised and its address or, in the case of a company or other legal person, the name and headquarters of the same, as well as the indication of the subject to whom returned the product possibly already delivered, if different.

If the contract provides that the exercise of the right of withdrawal is not subject to any term or method, the information must in any case contain the elements indicated in letter b).

6. (Exercise of the right of withdrawal). The consumer who intends to exercise the right referred to in art. 4 must send the commercial operator (Hartmann Tresore Italia Srl) a communication to that effect within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods

8. (Effects of exercising the right of withdrawal)

1) With the receipt by the commercial operator of the communication referred to in the previous art. 6, the parties are released from their respective obligations deriving from the contract or from the contractual proposal, without prejudice, in the event that the obligations themselves have in the meantime been fully or partially fulfilled, the additional obligations referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this article.

2) If the goods have been delivered, the consumer is required to return the goods received to the commercial operator or to the person designated by him within seven days from the date of receipt or within the longer term agreed by the parties.

For the purposes of the expiry of the term, the goods are considered returned when they are delivered to the accepting post office or to the forwarding agent. Shipping costs are charged to the consumer.

3) The commercial operator within thirty days of receiving the communication referred to in art. 6 or from the receipt of the returned goods, he / she must reimburse the consumer for any sums paid by them, including the sums paid as a deposit.

Only any additional costs are excluded from the reimbursement, as identified pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 2, provided that this exclusion has been expressly provided for in the order note or in the information referred to in art. 5, or in the catalog or other illustrative document. The sums are understood to be reimbursed within the terms if they are actually returned, shipped or re-credited with a value not later than the expiry of the term previously indicated. In the event that the payment has been made by means of bills of exchange, if these have not yet been presented for collection, they must be returned. Any clause that provides for limitations on reimbursement to the consumer of the sums paid, as a result of exercising the right of withdrawal, is void.


The product can be returned and refunded only if: it does not comply with the order or in the event of a lack of conformity.

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Gold wedding rings and personalized items cannot be returned.


If you have made a return, the refund will be made within ten working days from the date of delivery of the package to the courier.

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